When Traveling to Memphis – What You Need to Know

Are you planning to travel to the jewel of the mid-south, which is also known as Memphis?  It sits on the Mississippi River has some of the greatest attractions in the entire world.  If you are searching for a vacation full of excitement, history, and southern charm, then Memphis Tennessee is the place for you.

Memphis, a City that dates back over 200 years, also that survived the great earthquake, and the civil war.  This is a warm, inviting city that vacationers come to enjoy each year.  Famous for its barbeque and  music, there are several other interesting things to do while staying in Memphis.

When Traveling To Memphis - What You Need To Know.

Everyone ought to make it a point of duty to go to Beale Street to get the sense of the down-home blues of B.B. King and Memphis Minnie. Not only can you enjoy world-famous soul food on Beale Street, but you can also party all night to the sounds of continuous music from an eclectic variety of musical clubs. Or maybe you want to take a relaxing stroll down Front Street to the Mississippi River.  Take a ride on the Memphis Queen as a nice way to end the evening. When the night has calmed down, you can walk back to your hotel room at the world-famous Peabody Hotel.  Don’t forget to watch the ducks as they waddle into the lobby in the morning before you eat your breakfast.  Once breakfast is done, sojourn to the Elvis Presley Mansion where you can opt to stay or each lunch in front of Elvis’s house at the Heartbreak Hotel. Mud Island, which is a replica of the Mississippi River, is a museum full of enlightening information about Memphis’ past.  If you have some extra time to spare, why not take a ride on the Monorail where you can have brunch?  The Pyramid is another tourist attraction that is located downtown.  This is a replica of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids in Memphis.

There are other places to see that are socially important. For example, your Memphis trip would not be complete if you didn’t visit to the Civil Rights Museum. There you can learn about the Civil Rights Movement from a historical point of view and even see where Martin Luther King was slain.  If you visit the World Overcomers Church in Memphis, you will find a replica of the Statue of Liberty that is considered to be controversial.  Don’t forget to stop and get a snapshot because it received national attention.

Memphis very own NBA team.  So you can watch The Grizzlies play downtown at the FedEx forum. Go watch them play basketball while you’re in town.  Downtown Memphis is also home to The Peabody Place, which is yet another excellent way to spend your day in Memphis.  Go shopping in the malls, enjoy the IMAX theatre or hang out at Jillian’s. Remember to spend smart when traveling to Memphis.

When Traveling To Memphis - What You Need To Know

You can’t leave depart from Memphis without visiting the Memphis Zoo.  This is a great zoo that is large has a Panda Exhibit as one of its features.  The Brooks Art Museum and the Pink Palace Museum are other recommended places to visit once you’re done at the zoo.

Don’t forget to take part in all the many inviting and alluring aspects of the city when traveling to Memphis.  You won’t regret it because the fascinating entertainment, southern hospitality, and wonderful cuisine will not disappoint you.

When Traveling To Memphis - What You Need To Know