Vitamins That Can Help You Achieve Clear Skin

Below, we will be going over a few of the top vitamins you should take in order to clear your skin of that troublesome and persistent acne.

Vitamins That Help With Skin Acne

• B Vitamin Complex 25 to 150mg

• B5 Pantothenic Acid 500 to 1000mg each day

• Vitamin A 50,000 IU (stick to beta carotene and take prior to eating a meal)

• Vitamin C 1000mg (3 times per day)

• Vitamin E 400 IU (2 times per day prior to meals)

Precaution: Avoid taking over 50,000 IU of vitamin A due to toxicity concerns. If you happen to experience various unwanted symptoms or side effects with 50,000 IU, scale down to 25,000 or until side effects disappear.


Below, we will be going over some of the most important minerals you should be taking if you have acne.

• Calcium Hydroxyapatite Complex (take a tablet after each meal)

• Chromium 200 to 500ugm each day

• Mineral Electrolytes

• Zinc Gluconate 25 to 60mg each day

Zinc is by far the most important mineral you want to add to your diet to reduce acne flareups. It helps minimize the production of DHT which is your sex hormone. When this hormone is produced in volume, it can lead to acne flareups. Avoid taking over 100mg per day as it can take away from the copper in your body. Discuss with a doctor if you are going to be adding zinc at high levels.

Some Other Supplements

There are also (7) different supplements that you might want to consider getting into your diet if you are looking to reduce acne and even to improve your general health. The following supplements will help to enhance your immune system and allow you to minimize acne flareups. Consider taking the following supplements to see whether or not they can have a positive impact on your acne and/or skin.

• Oxygen Elements Plus

• Electrolyte Minerals

• Digestive Enzymes

• Systemic Enzymes

• Flax Seed (oil)

• Lecithin

• Lemon and Chlorophyll

• Oxygen Elements Plus

The fact is, your skin requires a lot of oxygen in order to effectively keep it from having excess bacteria build-up. Likewise, it can decrease inflammatory responses within the skin. Thus, using a product that adds oxygen to your blood can be very beneficial. A product like Oxygen Plus can provide your blood with more oxygen to get rid of toxins and it can provide you with much needed essential minerals and other nutrients that are good for your skin.

Boosting oxygen levels in your blood is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Your body requires oxygen in order to do various bodily functions.

The total amount of oxygen you have within your blood that is available will dictate what nutrients get delivered to your cells. This amount is going to be reliant on various things including:

• Acid levels within the body

• Nonfood waste

• Any presence of pathogens in the body

Vitamins That Improve Skin Acne

All of these (3) things can end up using up available oxygen within your body. Any oxygen that is left over is available to use by your body. Therefore, if you have excess amounts of these things, you are going to have a lot less oxygen than your body actually needs. This can result in having an influx of toxins in your body which can cause acne flareups.

Vitamins For Skin Acne