Understanding the Advantages of Trading in The Forex Market

The forex market involves the trading of currencies and is the largest financial market in the world with an estimated daily turnover of $1.5 trillion dollars. This is 30 times larger than all the US stock markets combined. The forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week.

Historically, the FX market was available mainly to major banks, multinational corporations, and other wealthy participants who traded in large transaction sizes. Now, however, with the advent of the Internet and new technology, forex trading is becoming an increasingly popular investment alternative for the general public.

More and more investors are moving away from the traditional markets and turning to forex trading for many reasons.:

Earn a full-time income from a part-time effort starting with as little as $300 in your account. Begin with a demo account until you feel comfortable opening a live account

Lower margin requirements for trading forex, usually about 1% which equals $1000 for a $100,000 contract. Compare this to the 50% margin requirements in the stock market.

No commission – when you trade stocks or commodities you have to pay brokerage fees.

For a forex trader, the spread is the only cost needed to cover.

Limited risk and guaranteed stops- when you trade stocks and commodities, your risk can be unlimited. With the forex market, stops are filled more easily- it is impossible to lose more than the amount of money in the forex account.

Because of the forex markets liquidity and 24-hour continuous trading, dangerous trading gaps and limit moves are eliminated. Orders are executed quickly without slippage.

Because the market is so huge, there is no possibility of someone controlling the market price, unlike the stock market which can involve insider trading.

Trading currencies is much simpler than stocks. There are only a few major currency pairs unlike thousands of stocks to analyze.

There are great opportunities in the forex market to make profits both when the prices go up or down.

Do you want to achieve financial freedom working from anywhere in the world with simply a computer and an Internet connection? Start to trade Forex today!!!!!