Tips to Spend Smarter This Travel Season

Travelers will probably spend more on their vacation this year than in previous years.  Based on the latest research performed by the Travel Industry Association of America, there was a 5.3% increase in the total travel expenditure amongst US residents.  Regardless of if you are planning a tropical getaway or a weekend escape, there are ways to accomplish your goal of hitting the road without having to break the bank. Here are some tips that will help you stretch your resources so you can get the most out of your trip:

Reap Your Rewards. It’s time to cash in those rewards points you have been earning for the entire year on your debit or credit card.  First, determine your eligibility. Do you have enough points to get to your target destination?  Are you opting to travel during dates when your reward points will be accepted?  Did any of these reward points expire since the last time you checked? Once you know your rewards status, determine how best to use them. If your original travel dates and the preferred destination does not work, consider being more flexible with your plans to save on major expenses, such as hotel accommodations and airfare.

Tips To Spend Smarter This Travel Season

Do It On Your Own. High-priced guides or tourist groups can drain your budget quickly.  Another way to spend smarter this travel season is via being your own guide.  There is a wealth of information online or even at the library before you arrive at your vacation destination. Use of these free resources can help you create a tour that is personalized without spending a lot of money. If you have a preference to tours that are guided, advance research will enable you to invest in the portions of the trip that matter most, and the rest of your trip can be self-guided to minimize costs.

Consider Travel To Be An Investment. While heading out on a road trip or exploring Europe can feel you are escaping your everyday reality, while your budget remains the same. If you have a particular trip in mind, then you should treat it as a long-term investment.  It would be beneficial for you to set aside some funds every month to enable you to stay for an extra day or book the room with an ocean view.  Money and time are required for a vacation.  It is also allowing you to invest in you and your family’s future by providing you with the potential for rest, relaxation and cultural enrichment.

Tips To Spend Smarter This Travel Season

Finally, wherever you travel this summer, don’t let the increase in prices prohibit you from enjoying the vacation of your dreams. With just bit more planning and some smart choices, you’ll be packing your bags in no time.  When you are equipped with the right information you can attain travel goals within your budget.

Many travelers are using payment cards to cover travel expenses, which are safer than carrying cash and more convenient than traveler’s checks.  Credit cards provide you with an extra level of protection and security that you cannot have when you are travelling with just cash.  Not only are credit card widely accepted around the world, but it can also be used as deposit when you’re renting a car.  Hopefully, these tips to spend smarter this travel season will be financially beneficial to you.

Tips To Spend Smarter This Travel Season