Most Important Elements in an Acne-Fighting Program

Hundreds of treatments, medications, cosmetics, and cleansers and are currently available for people suffering with acne, however the most significant aspects of an acne-fighting program will not cost you a single penny.

1. Nourish your skin by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Most Important Elements In An Acne-Fighting Program

Most health care specialists agree that a healthy diet will benefit your skin. Reduce your intake of sugar, caffeine, and refined carbohydrates.  These ingredients have the potential to activate the hormones that signal your sebaceous glands to increase oil production.  If you opt to add more fruits, seeds, vegetables, juices, nuts, and other healthy snacks to your daily diet, and you’ll see a substantial improvement in the appearance of your skin.

2. Consume more water to maintain the skin’s elasticity.

A substantial amount of water is vital to ensure that your skin is healthy. One of the main functions of your body’s self-healing system is to perform blood filtration.  This job is mainly carried out via the kidneys, with the help of your skin via perspiration. This system which is self-healing removes the toxic wastes of metabolizing food and of other harmful substances that get into our bodies.

It is important to mention that this system of purification can only operate efficiently if there is a sufficient volume of water flowing through to carry away the wastes. 6 to 8 glasses (64 fluid ounces) of water a day is the recommendation.  If you want to improve your chances of reaching your daily quota, opt to carry your water bottle with you in your purse, your vehicle, your briefcase everywhere you go.

Get the water habit, and your skin will thank you for it.

3. Exercise consistently to attain good circulation.

Get into a regular exercise routine. Do it for at least half an hour, five days a week. Exercise enhances the circulation of your blood, it helps your body to remove toxins for systems in your body, including your skin.  Improved blood circulation also increases the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your skin. Exercise also relieves stress, which is a commonly known reason for acne flare-ups. Finally yet importantly, exercise results in a release of endorphins, which is the “feel good” substance in your brain that puts a smile on your face the best beauty secret of all.

4. Clean your face, tone, moisturize it, and exfoliate to remove dead skin from the surface of the skin.

In the night

Start by removing your makeup with a cotton ball and oil-free makeup remover.

Next your face has to be washed with water that is lukewarm and an oil-free, non-comedogenic cleanser which means it will not block your pores.

Pat it dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing it aggressively.

And apply an oil-free moisturizer.

In the morning

Wash your face as directed above, then use an alcohol-free toner.

Next, apply moisturizer.

Then apply makeup that is non-comedogenic and oil-free.

An exfoliator that contains alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid should be used once or twice per week.  This will aid in the shedding of dead skin cells, the food for the bacteria that causes pimples.

Remember that if you’re exercising throughout the day, then must wash your face a 3rd time, right after that.

5. Protect your skin from harsh weather and the sun.

A common acne myth is that tanning will clear it up.  That may appear to be the case initially, but you’ll notice quickly that your tanned skin is not as soft.  This makes it more challenging for your skin to shed dead cells and shed oil, which eventually clogs your pores.  So your acne becomes worse instead of better.

Always wear sunblock with a minimum of SPF-15 UVB & UVA rating. If you’re planning to be outside for a long period, wear a hat that is wide-brimmed.

6. An acne-fighting program always includes getting plenty of high quality rest.

Most Important Elements In An Acne-Fighting Program

Your immune system requires energy to do its work, including the work of protecting your skin from acne. The deep sleep the brain needs for recharging comes several hours within your sleep cycle. That’s why a few hours here and there won’t do. Most people require at least six to eight hours of sleep a night. Consider this to be your beauty sleep.

If you make the following 6 steps apart of your acne-fighting program routine each day, you’ll look more attractive, feel a lot better, and your need for costly cosmetics and acne treatments will be reduced.

Most Important Elements In An Acne-Fighting Program

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