Lies the Weight Loss Industry Tells You

Why do you think the weight loss industry continue to overwhelm us with new products every year that are no better than the product they promoted the year before?

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight and keep it off realizes that it is a very difficult thing to do.  In fact, nothing can be closer to the truth than to say that weight loss is hard. It’s not surprising that when one of the weight loss companies creates their new, miracle discovery weight loss pill that melts the fat off as you sleep, regardless of your diet, people can’t wait to make their 3 easy payment installments of only $29.97 while frantically awaiting their weight loss “dream come true” in a bottle.

weight loss industry

But is this really our dreams coming to fruition, or could it be a weight loss nightmare? As most people know, there have been countless numbers of products like this on the market that make shocking claims of significant weight loss in very little to no time or effort. It’s also common knowledge that none of these products ever measured up to their claims and that a substantial number of these products have harmful side effects (phen/fen and redux for example). So why does the weight loss companies continue with their barrage of seemingly new products every year that are not much better than last year’s products?

The weight loss industry is a $30 billion dollar per year industry that is solely based on attempting to convince the 65% of Americans who are overweight that it does not have to be difficult but in fact, it can be downright simple to lose weight! The issue is, with an endless number of companies out there “bending” the facts with sketchy so-called research and the falsified endorsements by “doctors”, athletes and movie and television personalities, society is continually hit with waves of false hope.

If weight loss companies were more truthful about what works long term and promote products and methods that conform to reality, then more individuals would accept these realities and follow those proven methods that work long term. There is a small problem with this, however. That would be a hit to the weight loss company’s profits! They would lose millions of dollars and that is not what those company’s shareholders want to hear.

It’s all about business, not your health, not whether you are successful with losing the weight and keeping it off, not whether you’re satisfied with their product. Instead, it’s just about business and that means they’re motivated by their bottom line. So, with weight loss companies resorting to telling the public whatever they want to hear to make sales, there is very little hope.

According to research, 95% of individuals lose weight typically gain it back between 6 months and 3 years later. The FDA has stated that not one weight loss company in the entire industry can show a record of long-term success. This could be compared to the home building industry, if 95% of the new homes purchased became dilapidated within 3 years, but the public was not aware.  Similarly, the public is oblivious to the enormous failure rate of the weight loss industry.

Unfortunately, there are only a few weight loss companies that base their methods on strategies that have been proven to work such as balanced diet and exercise, but their messages are drowned out by all the “quick fix” gimmicks and health fads.