Home Remedies for Anal Fissures

When injuries occur in the anus this known as an anal fissure. This injury is a tear or cut in the canal which the stool passes through i.e. the anus. This is a common condition among adults. It is also one of the most common reasons for rectal bleeding in youths. Anal fissures can result from passing large and hard stools, because of anal sex or probing items into the rectum.  One of the typical symptoms associated with this issue is experiencing aggravating pain during bowel movements.  In addition, you may have a frequent urge to itch that area.  This condition may even cause you to experience bleeding.

Useful tips for Dealing With Anal Fissures

Home Remedies For Anal Fissures

  • Help to expedite the healing process by applying wheat germ oil to the affected area.
  • The healing properties of an aloe compress can help to ease the anal pain.
  • A warm bath can provide relief to those painful fissures.
  •  If you opt to consume a well-balanced and healthy diet, this will increase the likelihood that you will avoid anal fissures.  This diet contains vegetables, fruits, whole grain, and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water.
  • Using lubrication is another method of treating the problem.   If petroleum jelly is applied into your rectum, this will prevent injury to your anal area.
  • A key consideration if you are attempting to avoid anal fissures is to remember to keep that area dry.  Pat the area with baby powder after each bowel movement or shower.
  • Make sure you are not suffering from diarrhea because watery stools can be just as harmful as hard stools.  Watery stools soften the tissue surrounding the rectum, which causes it to become sore.
  • There are many things you should avoid doing, such as succumbing to the urge to itch when you have anal fissures.  For instance if your fingernails are razor sharp it might tear through your anal tissue which will my your issue even worse.
  • It is also beneficial for you to shed some of those extra pounds that you are carrying.  When you have excess weight you tend to sweat more, including between the buttocks, which slows down the healing process dramatically.
  • Apply creams that comprises of vitamin D and A. It is recommended for you to consult with your physician before you purchase one of these creams.
  • Sitting can be painful for individuals who are suffering from this problem.  But you can  ease the pain that you experience while you’re sitting, using a pillow.  There are many kinds of pillows in the market, such as doughnut-shaped pillow, liquid-filled pillow, and various others.
  • Rough toilet paper should be avoided because it may exacerbate the problem.  Constant or aggressive rubbing might open up the sores.  So wipe gently.  Colored and scented toilet paper should also be avoided because it can cause irritation.  A facial tissue can be used to wipe your bottom if possible.
  • You can clean the area clean by using a witch hazel and chamomile mixture. Their healing properties and ability to help the blood vessels to shrink will be beneficial to you.
  • Calendula balm can relieve pain and itching.  Aloe vera gel, St. John’s wort oil, or plantain infusion is also beneficial in the healing process.  Apply this three times a day or as per your needs.

Home Remedies For Anal Fissures

  • Slippery elm can be added to an enema to negate the acidity, reduce irritation and make the process less painful.
  • If you opt to drink nettle juice, this will cause your bowel movements to be easier and reduce the soreness due to the fissures.Try to drink nettle juice for an easy bowel movement and to be free from the soreness caused by the fissures. Drink 1 teaspoon 3 times per day.

Home Remedies For Anal Fissures

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