Basic Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Basic home teeth whitening methods provide people with more options that ever before.  In the past, individuals would have to make an appointment with their dentist if they wanted to whiten their teeth.  Since most of these individuals are not very enthusiastic to visit their dentist, they tend to change the appointment to a later date. Eventually, they just forget about the teeth whitening appointment.

In many cases, people are too afraid to go to their dental appointments.  So, if even they really want to whiten their teeth for a more beautiful smile, they usually end up postponing or cancelling the appointment.

Basic Home Teeth Whitening Methods

This fear of dental visits is one reason people were so excited to try out the new home teeth whiting products that were introduced to the market.  Home teeth whitening helps people to accomplish their teeth whitening goal without having to go to the dentist.    Not only can this cosmetic process can be done at anytime you want, but it is less expensive than an appointment with your dentist.

It is important to mention that they are still individuals that depend on the basic home teeth whitening methods that were popular in the past.  Even though they might seem to be too traditional for men and women today, the result is just as effective as it was before.

Are you still wondering which basic home teeth whitening methods are still used by individuals today?

1. A combination of bicarbonate paste and water.

The bi-carbonate soda paste is available for purchase at supermarkets and drugstores, and many people still purchase it for whitening teeth.

They mix the paste with water and gargle with it regularly.  There is reason to believe that the stains can be removed from teeth’s surface if this solution is used regularly.  Ultimately, the teeth will be shinier and whiter.

2. Salt and the paste form lemon juice.

The yellow stain tint of the teeth is erased by this solution of paste from lemon juice and salt. As a matter a fact, some people apply this solution to their teeth ceremoniously when it looks too dull.

The lemon juice paste comprises an acidic content that supposed to have a whitening effect when you let it remain on the teeth for a few minutes.  If this process is repeated regularly, the dull color of the teeth will be removed.

3. Bay leaves with dried orange peel.

The dried orange peel and bay leaf combination also acts as an effective tooth whitener.  Just like the lemon paste, all you have to do is apply this to your teeth frequently.

4. Inner portion of the orange peel.

I’m sure that you notice that the back portion of the peel is white when you’re peeling oranges.  Most people throw it away with the assumption it serves no purpose.

What you do not know is that it can whiten your teeth. All you need to do is rub that white part on your teeth and it produce a beautiful white shine.

Basic Home Teeth Whitening Methods

These are only a few of the basic home teeth whitening methods that have proven to be effective in various parts of the world.  Nowadays, there chemical-based home teeth whitening products that you can purchase and use.

The good news is the known side effects that are typically associated with over-the-counter products are not an issue with these basic home teeth whitening methods.  Moreover, it is very inexpensive. You can try them out if you want to see if they work better than the products you buy.

Basic Home Teeth Whitening Methods