100 Life Goals Ideas

100 Life Goals Ideas for a Happier, Healthier, and Better Life!

Life is full of possibilities. Getting the most of the time we all have here can seem like a challenge, but there are tools and practices that can help us all get more done. Creating a list of 100 life goals ideas is a great way to focus on what you really want, how you want to grow, and to enjoy life while getting the most out of it, as well. This list of 100 life goals ideas isn’t meant to be a definitive list. But it will give you plenty of ideas on how to create a list that is perfect for you!

Life Goals to Master Your Finances
1. Learn to budget
2. Learn how retirement accounts work & which are best for you
3. Make short & long-term savings goals (Pro Tip: Excel spreadsheets are your friend)
4. Read finance, savings, and books about money
5. Follow several financial/FIRE YouTube channels
6. Create a side hustle
7. Learn in-demand skills in and out of your current job type
8. Learn how to make money online
9. Become debt free and stay that way

Life Goals to Master Your Body
10. Run a 5K (then a half-marathon, marathon, or triathlon if you so choose)
11. Learn a martial art or fighting skill
12. Lose X amount of lbs
13. Set fitness goals for running, weight lifting, or other topics and smash them!
14. Take up walking as a hobby
15. Switch from soda to coffee, tea, or flavored carbonated water
16. Daily exercise (even mild makes a difference!)
17. Take a class at the local gym – try something new every month
18. Learn to cook healthy
19. Pick up hiking as a new recreational hobby (great way to connect with nature, too!)
20. Take time for “forest bathing” every few weeks
21. Take on various fitness challenges
22. Find athletic activities that interest you
23. Join (or start) a local sporting club

Release the Inner Artist
24. Learn to throw pottery
25. Take drawing/painting classes at a local community college
26. Audit creative writing classes at the nearest college
27. Join a poetry workshop
28. Join a writer’s group
29. Write a novel
30. Write a screenplay
31. Produce a mini-movie for YouTube
32. Start a podcast
33. Learn a specialty area of art, or create your own!
34. Create a big art project on a large piece of land
35. Keep an idea notebook for creative projects of all sizes
36. Become a full-time artist
37. Become a full-time writer
38. Get a movie made
39. Create unique music (song or composed symphony)
40. Create a following as an independent artist

Travel the World and See the Sights!
41. Climb the Aztec pyramids outside of Mexico City
42. Climb the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, Guatemala, or Belize
43. Explore Morocco
44. See all 7 Wonders of the World (or modern equivalents)
45. Visit Dubai
46. Visit Japan
47. Hike to Machu Picchu
48. Vacation in Las Vegas
49. Ride the famous train routes in Europe
50. Ride the entire Trans-Siberian Railway
51. See the pyramids in Egypt
52. Visit Petra
53. Visit every country in the world
54. Celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany
55. Visit a dozen of your favorite world festivals
56. Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans
57. Trace your family history through world travel
58. Visit the Vatican
59. Ski in the Swiss Alps
60. Visit a favorite off-the beaten path country (Andorra and Uruguay are on my list)

100 Life Goals Ideas To Explore

What’s Life without Adventure?
61. Go sky diving
62. Go white water rafting
63. Learn to drive a race car
64. Take an epic roadtrip with friends
65. Go surfing
66. Make a top 10, 20, or 100 hiking trail list and hit them all!
67. Make an adventure travel bucket list and hit the whole list
68. Ride in a hot air balloon
69. Take a glacier climbing tour in Alaska
70. Fly a hang glider or take hang gliding lessons

Becoming an Uberman or Uberwoman
71. Learn multiple languages (including one odd or ancient language like Gaelic or Latin)
72. Become a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, or other combative martial art
73. Learn computer programming
74. Teach yourself to pick locks
75. Take wilderness & urban survival courses
76. Pick up a creative crafting hobby like sewing, pottery, basket weaving, or wood carving
77. Learn therapeutic massage
78. Learn to fly a bush plane
79. Travel, travel, and travel a lot more (especially off the beaten path!)
80. Become certified for scuba diving, skydiving, or other interesting adventurous activity
81. Start a travel/adventure blog and record your journey
82. Learn how to read body language
83. Choose one or two true old school skills to learn
84. Learn to forage, garden, and to can your own food
85. Show off your fitness with public events like Sparta Challenge
86. Embrace unique experiences like meditating at monasteries, camping on solo islands in the middle of nowhere, or more
87. Optimize your body, mind, and emotions through study, exercise, and practice
88. Learn about various types of philosophy so you can compare and contrast ways of thinking
89. Memorize a dozen different poems – good poetry is interesting and can bring out an intriguing quote for almost any conversation

Create Your Own Special Places
90. Buy some inexpensive land and build a cabin or “perma-camp”
91. Build a tree house on some private property
92. Vacation intending to find those “special places” to return to frequently
93. Think ahead (or way ahead) to where you want to retire – and visit throughout life
94. Explore local parks and public spaces

100 Life Goals Ideas To Consider

Shoot for the Stars
95. Own a vacation home in Hawaii
96. Be a multi-millionaire
97. Be a best-selling author
98. Speak 3 languages fluently
99. Design & build your own dream home
100. Live a life that could create a best-selling biography

Hopefully these 100 life goals ideas have given you plenty of your own. Some will be right up your alley and some won’t. Customize your list to meet your specific hopes, dreams, and goals. No two lists of 100 life goals ideas are going to look exactly the same. You want a list that meets your own goals and having that list will help guide you to get there.

Having a list personalized to what you want and what excites you not only motivates you but also gives you the clear goal posts to go after to build and live the life that you want. As well as the life that you work hard to deserve!