10 Diet Rules You Can Ignore Today

Are there diet rules out there that should be broken? Yes, recently many outdated diet guidelines and fables are up for deliberation. You’ve probably heard of some of these crazy rules in your life. Experts are weighing- in on the validity of these sayings–most of which will not make your dieting easier or even help you shed those extra pounds.


10 Food Rules You Can Ignore:

1. Eating at night leads to weight gain. The total amount of calories you consume in a 24-hour period or within a week is the factor that causes you to gain weight. So when you eat those calories doesn’t really make a difference.

2. It’s best to ensure that you’re eating at the same time each day. Just eat when you’re hungry, not based on when your clock tells you it’s time to eat

3. Weight loss is easier when you’re dieting with a friend. Common goals can be beneficial in any relationship. But don’t forget that weight loss is your personal journey.

4.Dietary fat will make you feel full for a longer period, so you’ll eat less. It’s true that fat takes longer to digest. However, this will not assist you with appetite control. The foods that are most likely to reduce your hunger cravings for the longer include protein based foods, carbohydrates, and then fats.

5. When you blow your diet, it makes more sense to wait until the following day to resume your diet plan. This is completely untrue. Always strive to get back on track as soon as possible (i.e. with your subsequent meal)

6.It is rude to refuse food if you’re visiting someone or if you’re at a party. It is socially acceptable to refuse to eat food if you know that it will blow your diet

7. Skipping a meal occasionally will help you shed some pounds. When you skip a meal, you’ll be so hungry that you’re more likely to overeat during your next meal. This can cause your metabolism to slow down.

8. Pasta, bread and nuts are fattening foods that should be avoided. Whole-wheat pasta or bread is an excellent nutrient source. It is also important to mention that it doesn’t make you gain weight any more than another food with the same amount of calories.

9. All calories are the same. This is partially true. However, a 100-calorie apple will provide you with more nutrient than a portion of white bread that is 100-calories. It is important to choose healthier food to eat if you’re trying to control your hunger or to lose weight.

10. If you don’t clean your plate, then the food is being wasted. If you feel uncomfortable leaving the table until you cleaned your plate, underestimate how hungry you are. Make sure you are putting less food on your plate to begin with. This will make it less likely for you to overeat.

Don’t believe everything you hear and read! A lot of it is false. Now you can share these facts about dieting with all of your friends. Nutrition experts say many of the commonly accepted rules for dieting and food are meant to be broken. So get rid of the guilt!